What's With the "2"?

Wait, you're not Junior? Nope. I was named Danny Ray Remington, II.

Unconventional? Yes. But everything about me is unconventional:

  • Survived having my umbilical cord wrapped around my neck, a hurricane, a cardiac arrest, and came back to life after being dead...for 8 minutes

  • I am one of the most severe cases in Oklahoma to survive COVID

  • I have been diagnosed with ADD, autism, and auditory perception disorder

  • I married an incredible woman, who has partial hearing loss

  • I received my Master of Ministry at one of the first online Messianic Jewish seminaries

I am the 2nd person named Danny Ray Remington but I think the "2" also represents that God has given me 2nd chances.

Want me to come share my story at your service or event?